<h2>Eurotech-yacht – the quality plus the experience!</h2>
Our company deals with construction and repair of sailing yachts and motorboats. We also do all the work to retrofit boats, inter alia, the hydraulic steering gear, electronics, decks, teak wood buildings.

„Your boat is always fitting in accordance with the expectations and your suggestions!”
Our company is based in Cielcza, a village 60 km away from Poznan to the south along the route from Katowice. Active practice of sailing gives us the ability to grapple with the problems and needs faced by sailors, which in practice boatbuilding gives us the opportunity to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We are not afraid of any challenges, we carry out repairs and building yachts for individual orders. Yachts built by our company are characterized by high levels of performance and give satisfaction to our customers.

We have wide contacts with manufacturers of laminates, fittings and fixtures of every yacht.


Teak – wood from a sailing tradition!
The usefulness of teak wood that people knew as early as prehistoric times – it was done mainly vessels, used for the manufacture of doors and windows, which had to be extremely resistant to moisture. After this day with teak decks getting yachts and boats finish. Not only does not absorb moisture and is resistant to rot and mold, but also does not accept pollution, and therefore easy to keep them clean. Products of teak have a very stable parameters of shrinkage and swelling – once stabilized, persist for a very long time.
All the advantages of teak wood deck argue over the rooftops of the yacht is for this type of wood. Teak deck is a natural non-slip coating, it is warm, durable, and does not accept pollution is also decorative, creating a unique atmosphere and prestige of the individual. Carefully and professionally made teak deck can withstand many years in the toughest conditions and easy to maintain.

Our teak decks is durability and quality to the smallest detail!


Beautiful buildings, or the functionality of the interior? Our yachts have both!
Creating an interesting interior yacht requires considerable expertise. Selection of materials, arranged in accordance with the suggestion of a costumer and a good design and construction creates tasteful yet and functional interior. During installation we pay attention to even the smallest details, we use different types of wood, and the experience that makes every room is a unique work of art boatbuilding. The quality of materials, techniques, anchorages, and the techniques used in chemical bonding is also not without significance in the case of yachts, both exposed to high stress, as well as the specific influence of the conditions faced by craft. Interiors built in our company ensure long, trouble-free users also in the toughest marine conditions.
Meeting Professional machine can reproduce the most sophisticated designs. Experience in installation of any yacht installation, heating, electronics and upholstered finishes is our added advantage – we can expertly advise and execute a coherent buildings in harmony with all elements of additional equipment.

Your vision, plus our experience in order to create interesting and ergonomic interior!


An even greater pleasure of sailing?
Greater safety and better visibility?
The prestige and amazing design?
It just gives the application of hydraulic control systems based on the steering wheel instead of the traditional tiller. For larger units offer their own patents on mechanism of steering gear and boats in retrofitting additional measuring instruments such as compasses and logs. The whole we mount in one of several possible own systems – with the laminate, and stainless steel or wood. To the consoles can also include elements of Control motor yacht or other devices, as well as any configuration of indicators – such as fuel level, speed, etc.

Experience the full control of the helm!